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Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Research


Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Research


Scope and Focus:

"Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Research" is a specialized academic journal committed to advancing the fields of hydraulic engineering and hydropower through the publication of high-impact research. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to share knowledge, innovations, and advancements in hydraulic and hydropower systems.


Key Areas of Interest:

Hydraulic Engineering: Original research on fluid mechanics, open channel flow, river engineering, and hydraulic structures, including dams, spillways, and irrigation systems.


Hydropower Systems: Studies on the design, optimization, and operation of hydropower plants, including conventional and innovative technologies, such as pumped storage and run-of-river systems.


Renewable Energy Integration: Research on the integration of hydropower into renewable energy systems, including hybrid energy systems, grid stability, and energy storage solutions.


Water Resource Management: Investigations into sustainable water resource utilization, watershed management, flood control, and environmental impact assessment related to hydraulic engineering projects.


Hydraulic Modeling and Simulation: Advancements in numerical modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and experimental methods to simulate and analyze hydraulic and hydropower systems.


Climate Change Adaptation: Studies on the impact of climate change on water resources and hydropower generation, as well as adaptive strategies and resilience measures.


Innovations in Hydropower Technology: Exploration of emerging technologies, materials, and design concepts that contribute to the efficiency, sustainability, and environmental compatibility of hydropower systems.


Submission Guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit original research articles, technical notes, and comprehensive reviews that align with the journal's focus. Submissions should adhere to specified formatting guidelines and undergo a rigorous peer-review process.


Editorial Board:

The journal is supported by an esteemed editorial board comprising experts in hydraulic engineering, hydropower systems, and related fields, ensuring a thorough and insightful review process.



"Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Research" is dedicated to fostering collaboration, disseminating knowledge, and contributing to the sustainable development of hydraulic engineering and hydropower technologies. The journal aims to bridge the gap between research and practical applications in these critical fields.



The journal will be published monthly, providing a regular platform for the dissemination of impactful research and innovations in hydraulic and hydropower engineering.


Inaugural Issue:

The inaugural issue of "Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Research" will showcase groundbreaking research and set the stage for future contributions that will shape the landscape of hydraulic and hydropower engineering.


Researchers, engineers, and practitioners are invited to contribute to this specialized journal and play a pivotal role in advancing the understanding and application of hydraulic and hydropower engineering principles.

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