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General Medicine Research


General Medicine Research


Scope and Focus:

"General Medicine Research" is an interdisciplinary academic journal dedicated to advancing the field of general medicine by publishing high-quality, innovative research across a wide spectrum of medical disciplines. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, clinicians, and academicians to disseminate their findings, share knowledge, and contribute to the collective understanding of general medicine.


Key Areas of Interest:


Clinical Medicine: Original research, reviews, and case studies covering various clinical specialties, including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, and more.


Public Health and Epidemiology: Studies focusing on population health, disease prevention, health promotion, and epidemiological investigations contributing to the overall well-being of communities.


Medical Education and Training: Research on innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and assessment tools to enhance medical education and improve the quality of healthcare professionals.


Healthcare Systems and Policy: Analysis of healthcare delivery systems, policy evaluations, and studies addressing health disparities, access to healthcare, and healthcare reform.


Technological Advances in Medicine: Exploration of cutting-edge technologies, digital health solutions, and medical informatics that impact diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes.


Translational Medicine: Bridging the gap between laboratory research and clinical application to accelerate the development of new diagnostics, therapies, and medical interventions.


Ethics in Medicine: Discussions on ethical considerations, patient rights, and responsible conduct in medical research and practice.


Submission Guidelines:

"General Medicine Research" welcomes original research articles, reviews, perspectives, and letters to the editor. Manuscripts should be submitted through an online submission system, adhering to the journal's guidelines.


Editorial Board:

The journal is supported by a diverse and esteemed editorial board comprising experts from various medical specialties, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive peer-review process.



"General Medicine Research" is committed to fostering collaboration, promoting evidence-based practice, and contributing to advancements in general medicine, ultimately improving patient care and global health outcomes.



The journal will be published biannually, providing a steady stream of high-quality research to the medical community.


Inaugural Issue:

The inaugural issue of "General Medicine Research" will feature articles addressing current challenges and opportunities in general medicine, setting the tone for future contributions to the field.


We invite researchers and healthcare professionals to submit their work and join us in building a valuable resource for the advancement of general medicine.

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