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The 2022 World Frontier Technology Conference signed a contract with the Nanyang Academy of Sciences in Singapore for "International Science and Technology Academic Exchange and Cooperation"

On the morning of September 3, 2022, the "World Frontier Science and Technology Conference" jointly hosted by the China Association for the Promotion of International Science and Technology and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Detail+
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    Accelerated digital transformation in the publishing industry: The e-book market continues to grow, while paper books remain irreplaceable

    Driven by the digital wave, the publishing industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Recently, a report on the development trend of the publishing industry pointed out that the e-book market continues to grow, while paper books still maintain an irreplaceable position. MORE >>
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    Cross border cooperation and innovation in the publishing industry, working together to create a diversified reading ecosystem

    Recently, the publishing industry has sparked a new trend of cross-border cooperation, with major publishing institutions engaging in deep cooperation with enterprises in different fields to jointly create a diversified reading ecosystem and bring readers an unprecedented reading experience. MORE >>
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    The integration of traditional publishing and new media brings new vitality to the publishing industry

    Recently, multiple traditional publishing institutions have announced strategic cooperation with new media platforms to jointly explore new models and paths in the publishing industry. These collaborations not only involve co creation and sharing of content, but also engage in deep cooperation in distribution, promotion, and other aspects, achieving complementary advantages and jointly exploring the market. MORE >>
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    The publishing industry actively responds to market changes and creates a new experience of comprehensive reading services

    With the rapid development of technology and continuous market changes, the publishing industry is actively adjusting its strategies to cope with new challenges and opportunities. In recent years, publishing institutions have strengthened innovation and are committed to providing comprehensive reading services and new experiences to meet the increasingly diverse needs of readers. MORE >>
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